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Judith Romney Wegner

"That is strange because my family comes >from Lithuania."

The point of this is that we have to 'interpret' our family stories
to figure out how they meant the information. 'Lithuanian', for
example, rarely meant a nation, but rather a philosophy or
subdivision of Eastern European Ashkenazi Judaism. If you were not
Lithuanian, you were probably a Galicianer, and if you were not a
Galicianer, you were probably Lithuanian - regardless of where you
lived in Eastern Europe.
Sally Bruckheimer

I think Sally has got this exactly right -- except for one small
detail: the term those wannabee "intellectuals" would have used was
undoubtedly not "Lithuania" but "Litvak" -- which has quite a
different ring to it, carrying as it does all those psychological

Lithuania, like Poland or Galicia, describes only that geographic
country or region; but I think we all have a mental concept of
exactly what we mean when we refer to our ancestors as Litvaks,
Polaks, or Galitzianers -- not forgetting Yekkes, of course, one
dare not overlook the Yekkes! (-: ) (I suppose none of these
terms are p.c. nowadays, more's the pity -- I think we lose more than
we gain by dropping them.

So the family of the original questioner may not actually have "come
from" Lithuania at all. They were philosophical and psychological
Litvaks, though living wherever the records indicate!

Judith Romney Wegner

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