1902 New York City directory Make sense of this please #general

Nachum Tuchman

I think that the point of the 1985 fire notice was that it indicates
that the Eldridge street address was a residence, and so would seem to
indicate that the good doctor indeed did live there, even though way
back in 1902, notwithstanding the fact that it is listed first in the
directory and doesn't have an 'h' preceding.

Please excuse my run on sentence. English may be my first language,
but I learned in the States. (Our British friends will certainly

Nachum Tuchman
Tekoa, Israel

On 7/10/05, ilyaz <ilyaz@...> wrote:
This is interesting info, but of no use for me. I'm looking for info c.

Ilya Zeldes
Fort Myers, Florida

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