Re: Jurjew #general

Alexander Sharon

"Trevor Waner" wrote

At the bottom of a photograph of my great grandfather is written the word
Jurjew. I looked this up in the internet and it seems to be a town in
Poland. That is strange because my family comes >from Lithuania. Has
anyone information about this town, its Jewish inhabitants, etc.

Looking forward hearing about this.

Best regards and Shabbat Shalom,

Juriev is a Russian name of the Estonian town known currently as Tartu
(Dorpat in German).
Search JewishGen and through the Google information about this town and its
Jewish community.
Tartu is considered as the intellectual centre of Estonia and is a main
rival to country capital-Tallinn.

Amongst my friends in South Africa, there were several whos families have
originated >from Kurland (Courland) - the historical territory that is now
divided between modern Estonia and Latvia.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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