Surnames HALLKOFSKY and PLANSKA. #general

R.C.W. Hall, Jr.

Greetings all,

It was suggested to me by a genealogist that I start research on this
group, after finding the following information:

Cambridge, Middlesex MA
23 April 1910
SD-119 ED-769 Sheet 15B Image 30
117 Pleasant St
Benedict HALKOFSKY 26 m1 married 4yrs Rus-Yiddish [ditto parents] Imm 1906
Mary wife 22 m1 mar4yrs 1/1 Rus-Yiddish [ditto parents] Imm 1906
Alexander son 2 MA

[Yiddish heritage suggests religious persecution {pogrom?}]

Benedict Ignattesy HALLKOFSKY
Cambridge Middlesex MA
235 Broadway
employed at Woodbury and sons
next of kin Mrs Mary Hallkofsky
born 14 Mar 1885

Suggests all the children may have been born in Cambridge.
Additional records may be found there and should be pursued.

Now, I know very little about Benedict and Mary, my great
grandparents. Birth certificates >from their children seem to indicate that
they are both Russian, but someone told me recently that Mary, maiden name
PLANSKA, was b. in Salzburg, Austria, and her father was >from
Czechoslovakia and mother >from Poland.

I do not know if Benedict had any brothers and sisters. I know nothing else.

Mary had four other sisters; the name of one being Anne. As the family
story goes, they were living in Koblinsky and their family were barters and
bakers; Mary the oldest. Mother d. in childbirth and father went off to
the service and never returned.

Surname Hallkofsky appears most frequently, although I have seen numerous
spellings: Halkofsky, Halkowsky and Hallkowsky. It was suggested to me
that the surname was "Americanized."

Any information would be most appreciated. I find it interesting that
doing a google search on Hallkofsky, and other variants yield nothing to
very little. If I change the "y" to an "i", I find additional info. under
Halkowski, but it is my assumption that that is a Polish surname (ending
with an i).

Thank you all for your time.

'good day.

Robert Hall.
Cambridge, Mass. 02139-4301

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