Lithuania- Jewish Renaissance special issue #general

Saul Issroff <saul@...>

The next issue of Jewish Renaissance, a high grade quarterly published in
England, is focussed on Lithuania. It is packed with articles about
contemporary Lithuania and other interesting material e.g. on travel and
genealogical research .

Forthcoming issues will focus on Jews in Cuba, Morocco, Turkey and the West
of England.

They do not normally send single copies but the editor has agreed to send
the Lithuania issue free of charge (special deal for genealogists) if a
subscription for four issues is taken out at $46 for four issues. (UK- £18),
Europe £20-50). Another alternative is a cheaper .pdf edition which will be
emailed for the lower
cost of $32 for four issues. Refer to the website: where one can also subscribe.
Janet Levin
Jewish Renaissance
PO Box 28849
London SW13 0WA
+44 (0) 20 8876 1891
posted by Saul Issroff

(declared interest- I contributed an article, but have no monetary interest
in the publication)

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