Searching Reiss (Szegal??)Oradea, Romania #general

Leslie Weinberg <artsoul@...>

Searching for information on my grandmother's sister Rojie (Rosa?) nee
REISS, >from Oradea who had two daughters, Paula and Elvira. We do not
know Rojie's married name but it may have been SZEGAL. Also searching
for information on Erno Reiss, my grandmother's brother. Is there anyone
who knows anything at all about the fate of this family?
Thanks, Leslie Weinberg

Searching: Reiss, November, Szegal, Eisen - Oradea, Romania
Eisen, Iram, Gran, April - Tyczyn, Przybyszowka, Staromieseic, Poland
Danskoy, Danskoi - Nezhin, Russia

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