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Nachum Tuchman


I am trying to help a friend. Her late husband's grandparents went to
Hawaii, supposedly in the 1860's. The husband was >from Odessa, the
wife was German.
I don't know the wife's name, the husband was Hugo RABINOWITZ. They
came with 2 daughters and had a son there. When the son was 5, the
mother died. the daughters didn't want to raise their brother, so he
was sent to his late mother's parents in Germany. Later, when Hawaii
became a territory, this son was given US citizenship, having been
born in Hawaii.

It seems to me that either the time period is off, or the family must
have been more than grandparents. On a google search I found that
Hawaii was annexed in 1898 and became a territory in 1900. Perhaps
the family got to Hawaii closer to this time period?

The question is whether or not there are Jewish records >from the 1860's onward?
As this is my friends late husband's family, she has no one to get
information from.
If she can find burial records,it may help her to find out a bit about the family.


Nachum Tuchman
Tekoa, Israel

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