Travelog with Photos from Trip to the Ukraine #general

Joe Izen

I am pleased to invite the JewishGen community to read the first four
chapters of a travelog describing a trip I took with my wife and
children to Podolia, Ukraine and on to Bucharest, Roumania. We
visited several shtetls in the Ukraine, including Nova (Novaya)
Ushitsa where my bubbie and zeydie grew up. To find my log, please
visit my family's www site

and click on the link to travelog. The sequence of towns we visited
during our trip was Budapest, Proskurov(Khmelnitsky),
Kamenets-Podolsk (Kamanets-Podolski), Dunavitz (Dunaevtsi), Nova
Ushitsa (Novaya Ushitsa), Shargorod, Medzhibozh, Letichev, Khotyn,
and Bucharest. So far, Budapest to Nova Ushitsa is finished. I am
still woring on my travel diary and photos for the rest of the trip
as well, but transforming my scrawl, emails, and photos into a
narrative is far more time consuming than I would ever have imagined.
Thanks to all the JewishGenners who provided so much helpful advice,
both before and after the trip.

As the travelog is lengthy (57 pages so far), I am making it
available in Acrobat (pdf) format. Most Mac, PC, and Linux computers
these days already have an Acrobat reader installed, but if yours
doesn't, you can find a free copy of Adobe reader at

Let me preempt the inevitable questions about my trayf domain which
derives >from the name of an Appalachian fiddle tune. If you are still
curious, see, but please don't post about
it to JewishGen!

-Joe Izen
Plano, TX
IZEN, AIZEN, KOHAN/KOGAN - Nova Ushitsa, Ukraine
LIEBOWITZ, LEBOWITZ - Jassy/Iasi, Roumania
ROSENTHAL - Bucharest, Roumania

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