Re: Given name Keiller or Caila? #general


I have recently discovered that my great-grandmother's given name is
Keiller or Caila - I have two different spellings. She either came >from Irkutsk
in Siberia or >from the Lomza Province. Does anyone recognise this name or have
any idea what the correct spelling would be?
Myra Waddell. (Adelaide, South Australia)<<<<

I have been reading this thread with interest. My daughter is named Kaila,
spelled in Hebrew kuf-yud-lamed-hay. I have also seen it spelled kuf-yud-lamed-
alef and kuf-yud-yud-lamed-alef. In English, I have also seen it as Kayla.

We named our Kaila after her 5x-great-grandmother who lived in Germany, born in
1799. I was originally told it came >from a Hebrew word meaning "to crown." Later
on, I looked up the root kuf-lamed-lamed and the dictionary gave "crown" as one
meaning, along with (ouch!) "to destroy." Obviously, we prefer to go with the
more royal definition.

Nurit Kraus-Friedberg

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