Re: Need advice on doing research on GreatUncle who moved to Japan #general

Mark Halpern

I suggest that you contact the Jewish Community of Japan. They have a
website at They also have a database for the
Yokohama Foreigners' Cemetery - Jewish Section at that may be of interest
to other Genners.

Mark Halpern
Former Member, Jewish Community of Japan

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Can anyone suggest a means by which I would be able to try to research my
great-uncle, Solomon KAFLOWITZ, who moved to Japan in the 1940s or 50's?
He married a Japanese woman probably while still living in the United
States. They had children, at least one male, or possibly a set of male twins.
The family never returned to the United States to live. My great-uncle was born
in 1908 in Bialystok, and came to the United States as a very young boy. While
he may no longer be alive, it would be interesting to see if the family name
still exists in Japan, and ultimately, to attempt contact with his children.

Thank you and please respond privately,
Barbara Meyers

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