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The first Jewish families arived in Britain perhaps with the Phoenicians,
far more tha 2000 years ago, as Simon Goulden of the United Synagogue
writes here: Daf Hashavua 23/9/2000 <>

Or else they surely came with the Roman conquest, but even if they did
arrive with William the conqueror as late as 1066, your expectation of
great genealogical resources is not very reasonable. ;-} " <<

The Jews of England were kicked out and only returned after Oliver
Cromwell invited them back. The oldest synagogue in England is Sephardic,
dating >from 1702, and is still very much in use today despite, not the
least, an IRA bomb. I understand that they hold very good records going
back 300 years. The oldest Ashkenazi synagogue >from this period is in
Plymouth going back 250 years and I am sure they, too, have some records.
See this Bibliography of Anglo-Jewry history >from the Jewish History Society
of England

Medieval Sourcebook: Richard I of England: Charter by Which Many Liberties
are Granted and Confirmed to the Jews, 22 March, 1190
Medieval Sourcebook: >from the Dialogue of the Exchequer: On Usury, c.1170

and others
Medieval Sourcebook: The Abbey of St. Edmund's and the Jews, 1173-1182
Medieval Sourcebook: Thomas of Monmouth: The Life and Miracles of St.
William of Norwich, 1173

The Footsteps of Israel: Understanding Jews in Anglo-Saxon England, by
Andrew P. Scheil. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2004. See for contents.

The description of this book makes clear that this was without Saxon
England's personal experience of Jews.

There is the Jews Court in Lincoln

Discussion about a possible medieval synagogue in Guildford says that Guildford is the
only known site of a medieval synagogue.

Also about the medieval Jewish
community in Hereford.

Reference to the remains of a medieval synagogue in Canterbury says that a few Jews came
from Roman times onwards, the majority came with William the Conqueror from
Rouen in France.

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