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Alexander Sharon

"Stewart Bernstein" wrote

In response to Shari Kantrows posting about the town
of Bursztyn.

I have seen this town on many maps, and it is located
near my ancestrial town. I have always assumed that my
ancestors came fromn this town as I have both
"BERNSTEIN" & "BARANSHTEYN" to be found in my tree.

Does anyone have any research regarding this.
It was common in Austrian Galicia to adopt 'nice' family names, by paying
often extra bribes, derived >from the flowers or precious or semiprecious
stones such as: Lilenthal, Edelstein, Diamant, Saphir, Bernstein or

I am a bit surprised that you have seen this small Galician town in Rohatyn
district (population just below 4,000 residents) - on many maps. Town was
established in mid 18th century by one of the Polish magnates and since it
was properly planned it was named as a Bursztyn.

If one would like to trace surname Bernstein to some particular town name,
the Baltic region should be considered, since this is where amber is usually

There were four settlements in Western and Eastern Prussia (now in Poland or
Lithuania) known as Bernstein:

Bernstein, Kreis Regenwalde, Pomerania (currently Izbiska, Szczecin)
Bernstein, Kreis Soldin, Brandenburg (currently, Pelczyce near Pyrzyce,
Bernstein Forsterei, Kreis Schwetz (currently Lipinki, Kujawy)
Bernsteinbruch, near Memel (Klaipeda), Lithuania

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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