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Mark Halpern

The town of Knyszyn is now in Poland at coordinates 5319, 2255, 26 miles
NW of Bialystok. Before WW1, Knyszyn was part of Grodno Gubernia in the
Russian Pale of Settlement.

Knyszyn is included in the geographic scope of BialyGen, the Bialystok
Region Jewish Genealogy Group. For more information, see the BialyGen
website at and
click on Towns.

Mark Halpern
BialyGen Coordinator

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I have a potential relative arriving in NY in 1896 >from Kinischin, Russia.
Anyone know the current name and location? It is not listed in WOWW.


David Lebovitz
Morton Grove, IL
Searching the towns of Luoke(Luknik) and Virbalis

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