Re: Kinischin, Russia #general

Bob Wascou <robertw252@...>

Most likely this is now Chisinau (Kishinev) Moldova.

Check out tha All Romanian data base
<> for the
names that you are looking for >from Kishinev. There
are now over 50,000 records that have been
transliterated >from the records that were filmed by
the Family History Library. (More records will be added shortly.)

If you are able to help transliterate Russian or
Hebrew/Yiddish script and would like to help with this
project please contact me at

Bob Wascou
Kishinev Vital Records Project Coordinator

--- wrote:

I have a potential relative arriving in NY in 1896
from Kinischin, Russia.
Anyone know the current name and location? It is
not listed in WOWW.


David Lebovitz

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