American Jewish Historical Societ Landsmanshaften files Boxes 3&4 #belarus

Jerome Seligsohn <jselig1315@...>

In order to fit my decription of what is contained in
the files listed above I attempted to abbreviate it in
an extreme manner and failed to satisfy the space
requiremnts of this message board and to be
intelligible to the average viewer.
At the risk of making my personal interests over the
concerns of a wide readership I will hazard an
estimate that I have uncovered a gold mine for those
who will make the trip to West 16th St in NYC to view
what I so briefly have described.
The souvenir journals of landsmanshaften are rich in
names, pictures and history. The advertisements alone
are worth the effort. These journals span a time frame
from the thirties to the fifties. They contain
addresses in some journals. In memoriam pages list the
names of the dead.
To get an idea of what are in boxes 3&4 go to
I cannot repeat the experience I had with boxes one
and two where I personally forwarded my descriptions
to your e-mail addresses at your request. I ask that
some member put my description temporarily on their
website and refer the readership to this listing of

Jerome Seligsohn

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