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"The Lost Jews of Cornwall" to his presentation
on the early Jews of England.
I only had time to take a cursory glance, but found it
fascinating. Sorry I cannot provide the author's name.
Edited by Godfrey Simmons, Keith Pearce and Helen Fry

see for the content:

And 66 other links:
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The title is a crowdpuller but it refers to the period 1720-1913. Clearly
these are not known to the vast majority of metropolitan UK Jews, but there
were synagogues in many of the small towns all over England eg Exeter,
Plymouth, and Bristol.

There is, I presume, the story of the tinkers who went round to the (I
presume) Jews Houses and they would mark their pots in such a way that they
would know whether a non-Jew had used them and therefore made them treif (ie
not kosher).

The late Rabbi Bernard Susser did a lot of work on the history of the Jews
of the South-West.

There is also a fairly recent book about the Jews of Bristol, in which my
father briefly features in a post-War anti-fascist committee.

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