Vileika Uyezd Revision List Project - Update #belarus

David M. Fox <davefox73@...>

In addition the previous announcement that the 1850 Vileika uyezd Revision
Lists for Vileika, Radoshkovich and Dolginovo have been added to the All
Belarus Database (ABD), we have just received the 1850 Revision Lists for:


These translated lists were received too late to include in the quarterly
update to the ABD. However, you can access the data using the Belarus Static
Index search page. Go the the Belarus SIG homepage
<> and click on "Search for your
ancestors". These lists will be added to the ABD on the next quarterly
update. Use the D/M search option.

Please keep the donations coming into
<> so we can complete
the earlier Vileika uyezd Revision Lists.

Please report any successes on the Belarus SIG discussion group.

Happy hunting!

David Fox
Mail to:
Belarus SIG Coordinator
Arnold, MD USA

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