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The King of England had the Jews of Ireland as his property. They remained
English royal possessions until they were expelled along with the other English
Jews who at the time were a branch of French Jewry more specifically Northern-
French Jewry as Ashkenazic Jewry was Northern French and German.
Yisrael Asper
Pittsburgh PA
Would it be possible for posters to give sources. If I am talking >from my
own personal knowledge about my family etc then that is valid testimony, but
otherwise if people are merely stating to be what they believe to be the
case it can end up as a never-ending series of exchanges until one person
retires hurt.

I would imagine that at the time all vassalls were the property of a local

According to under
Henry (1100-1135) a royal charter was granted to Joseph, the Chief Rabbi of

It says that special weight was attributed to the evidence of a Jew (=12

It also says that Jews had free movement round the kingdom as though they
were the king's property. This is what Yisroel says but sheds a slightly
different light.

No doubt, if you only had the protection of your local lord your life would
be in danger anywhere else. It was as though the Jews had a national

Of course, when that protection was removed then the whole thing would

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