Bar Kochva coins #general

Yisrael Asper

Regarding the Bar Kochva coins' authenticity I thought of another argument last
night and that is that no one has found them in Israel so the whole speculation
as to their inauthenticity which is based on them being forged in Israel is based
on nothing when you see it in the whole context. I wonder if those coins were not
remade in the Americas assuming the Jews actually established a separate community
for awhile. It would have made sense for them to stay as a separate community for
awhile and so keep commerce amongst themselves. The stone and coins would have been
unlikely to have been brought over to the Kentucky-Tennessee area later. How many
NonJews know of or would have brought over Bar Kochva coins and that rock.
Many Jews haven't heard of him. The speculation as to the forged arrival of the
Bar Kochva coins are done based on good theorizing if you deny their

Concerning the coins in the Americas quoting Cyrus Gordon, in his "Before
Columbus, links between the Old World and Ancient America" "the discovery
of a Hebrew inscription found at Bat Creek, Tennessee in 1890. The inscription...
35 AD, in conjunction with Bar Kohbu coins of 135 AD in Kentucky, strongly
supports the possibility of a Jewish settlement in the New World shortly after
the Diaspora." Dating is strong evidence.
Yisrael Asper
Pittsburgh PA

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