Re: Shtetl or town of Sawian and Chargored????? #belarus

Carlos Glikson

..."Sawian and Chargored" .. has anyone every heard of them?
Hattie, I can't choose "possible"Sawians, but "Chargored" looks like it
might be Shargorod, coordinates 4845 2805 in present Ukraine, 159.3 miles
SW of Kiev , according to JewishGen's ShtetlSeeker

There are 19 counts in a search for Shargorod in JewishGen's "Search this
website" function.

There is a place in Ukraine called SOFIAN, SOF'YAN, SOF'YANY, (SAF'YANY) in
that general direction but not near Shargorod. Its coordinates are 4525
2853 and it is 354.5 miles SSW of Kiev

There is a website in English with links to historic info

Hope this helps,

Carlos Glikson
Buenos Aires

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