Cemeteries in Safov (Czech) and Sepolno Krajenski (Poland) #general

Hank Mishkoff

I recently received an email >from a someone named Carel Nederlof who lives in the
Netherlands. Carel had stumbled across the website I maintain in my role as
coordinator of a project to restore the Jewish cemetery in Przerosl, Poland, and
sent me this note, which I thought might be of interest to some of you who follow
this discussion group. (I'm posting it with Carel's permission.) The rest of this
posting is Carel's note to me.

* * * * *

Looking for some info about Augustow I found your pages. During our holiday stay
in Poland 1998 in the town of Sepolno Krajenski we discovered close to the lake
an almost complete destroyed Jewish cemetery. Asking the people there about the
history of that graveyards, standing on the graves, they denied the existence of

The same about our stay in Czech Republic. Close to Novy Petrin and Safov we found
a large Jewish cemetery. About all stones are broken or at least damaged. The
youngest date we noted was 1932. Here the same ignorance of the cemetery. During
interviews in the pre-socialistic countries, we often discover a sort of
irritation by the residents.

All pictures in my possession about that events are analog. So I'm not able to
enclose. As I have the films, I am willing to let make digital.

Carel L. Nederlof

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