Roman VISHNIAC, Eastern European photographs on line... #general

suzanne s waxman <sswnola@...>

There is a free datatbase that has been put on line as a joint project
by the Eastman House (Rochester, NY) and International Center of
Photography (NYC) of famous photographers. It is
still in the testing stage. The article was in The New York Times, 20
July 2005.

There are over 400 photographs by Roman Vishniac, better than half
taken in Eastern Europe starting about 1933. Some of the other
photographers on the site are Alfred Stieglitz, Gordon Parks, and Robert

Suzanne S. Waxman
Santa Rosa, CA

DAYEN, DAJEN, DOJEN, ROSEMAN, ROSEMANN---Brest, Brest-Litovski, Belarus
DAYEN, DAJEN, DOJEN--- Kovel, Ukraine
WAKSMAN, WAXMAN---Ozarow, Poland

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