Re: 2006 conference #general

Ury Link

Dear genners,
Brenda send this letter :
>>I have the same problem with picking up grandchildren >from camp and getting
them home.
Brenda Freedland Pangborn
Bingham Farms, MI>>>>

And Judy write:
>>I was disappointed to hear that the 2006 conference is scheduled for so
late in the summer.
I was planning on attending, but in Arizona the school year begins by
mid-August. This year I have to be back to work by 8/8 and classes start 8/15.
So I will not be able to attend this conference.
To all future conference planners, please keep in mind that so many of us
have limited summer vacation time and the 3rd week in August is awfully
late in
the summer.
Judi Gyori Missel
Mesa, Arizona>>>>

It is difficult to find a good time ,in every day of the year you can find
enough reason for a bad date for a conference. I came >from Europe and then
I can said that the flights are more expensive in August then in the
spring ,or that the weather in New York is terrible hot and the humidity
is very high in August ,or the hotels are expensive and so more .... . I
don't was this year in Las Vegas because I was busy in this time ,but this
was not a reason to asked to delay the conference to another time,
I understand all the reasons but I understand also the organization of the
Congress, it is not easy to find a good time that satisfied every one .

Best regards
Ury Link

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