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"Tell me, would the Jews in England, whether they had been their for a couple of
centuries or not.....If they came to America, say in 1700's, would they have been
considered English or Jewish, as far as records were concerned or as far as their
descendents were concerned?"

The emigres would be considered English people of the Jewish faith.

Judaism is a religion. Some would say it is a culture or a way of life; but it
is not a nationality.
That may be too rigid a statement. Until recently, Israeli ID
documents carried rubrics for both religion and nationality, so
"Jewish by nationality" is not inherenly wrong. The latter, for Jews,
was "Yehudit", "Jewish". The Western concept of "religion" does not
encompass all of Judaism. For Arabs, religion was "Muslim" or
"Christian" (the latter further divided by confession), and the
nationality was "Arab". The two clsasifications are not congruent.

The Soviet sin was not in defining jewish nationality (they did the
same with respect to each and every one of the many minorities (and
major groups as well) in the Soviet Union. It was in making use of the
definition for imposing civil disabilities upon Soviet citizens of
Jewish nationality.

I would wager that Jews arriving in the colonies >from Britain in the
eighteenth century would have been considered as Englishmen or Jews
depending upon both the Jew in question and the observing colonist.
But if the timeframe of the question is before American independence,
there is no question that a British subject remained a British subject
upon migration >from England to America.

"Nationality" means something rather different in the US, where it is
understood to mean citizenship and nothing more. That isn't true in
most other parts.

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