"New" shtetl Polkotichi in Grodno Guberniya #belarus


The shtetl of Polkotichi (Polkotycze in the Polish spelling), in Grodno
guberniya just northwest of Pinsk near Motol and Porechye, has been added to the
list of shtetls in Belarus. While it is shown on the Belarus SIG page as
being in the Brest district, I believe it was probably in the Kobrin district

My POLKOTITSKY family, known as BAKER and BREGMAN in the USA, emigrated >from
this shtetl as well as >from Pinsk. There are many spelling variants on the
family name, including POKOTITSKY and POLHOTITSKY.

The immigrants I've identified include: Velvel and Ita POLKOTYCKI and their
children Leib (aka Louis BREGMAN), Sore (married DECKELBAUM and then LEVINE),
Judel/Julius, and Abram. Another son Ela was living in Pinsk as of 1922.
My great-grandfather, a contemporary of Velvel's, was a different Abram
POKOTITSKY (son of Ela). In the US he was known as Abraham BAKER.

There are several POLKOTITSKY individuals mentioned in the Pinsk ghetto
database and Soviet commission records. Others seem to have immigrated to the UK
and then probably changed the surname.

I welcome hearing >from any of you who have connections to this shtetl or

Here's a link to a modern map showing the location of the shtetl:

Many thanks,

Dave Ring
San Francisco, CA
Belarus; Brooklyn and Kingston, NY; Burlington, VT; Springfield, MA).

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