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Tom Venetianer <tom.vene@...>

Dear Steve,

Two tips:

1. If you know where your wife's relatives married, then you can try to request
vital records for their children >from that place's notary. If the answer is
negative, namely that they found no children, that might constitute a proof. Of
course probate records may reveal more.

2. Try to send your message to a new group formed recently (h-justice - Holocaust
Era Restitutions Forum) < http://groups.yahoo.com/group/h-justice >. Maybe their
members can offer other tips.

Good luck

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Subject: Proof of Inheritance
From: Steve Orlen <sorlen@email.arizona.edu>
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 10:53:22 -0700
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Dear Cousins,

My wife has received notice >from the German government that she in line for
some sort of money because her grandfather lived in Germany (before the
war). They asked for proof of inheritance, something indicating that she is
a sole survivor in her grandfather's line. Her uncle and his wife died in
Florida, childless. She has no siblings. Her father is dead.

On what sort of document would I find that her uncle and aunt had no children?

Best, Steve Orlen
Tom Venetianer < mailto:tom.vene@uol.com.br >
Sao Paulo - Brazil

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