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It is said that a grant in was given 1232 to someone named Peter de Rivall
giving him "custody of the King's Judaism in Ireland."
Yisrael Asper
I see that this information is contained in the entry for Ireland on the
century-old Jewish Encyclopedia;letter=I

This is the only source of this particular piece of information on the

The date given is July 28 1232 but is curious that this has not been
referred to elsewhere. Maybe this was a doubtful honour, along the lines of
if there are or should be any Jews in Ireland then you have custody of them.

No doubt if such a document exists it would be in the UK National Archive or
the Irish Archive.

It would seem that he was the Sheriff of Yorkshire. Apparently he was also
keeper of King John's Castle in Dungarvan.
Nick Landau
London, UK

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