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Avrum Lapin

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Subject: Jews in England: Jewish star with a cross inside
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Apropos to this subject I'd like to ask if anyone has knowledge of a Jewish
star with a cross inside? I found this engraved on a tombstone in Wales.
The graveyard was very, very old, overgrown with nettles and other weeds.

I was struck dumb by this sight. If I remember right the name on the stone
wasn't typically Jewish but that might not mean anything.

Many years later I saw the same symbol, a sixpointed star with a cross in
it, painted on the side of a hippy Volkswagon bus.
There is a large Mogen David stained window on a large church (Santa
Crocce) in Florence. The best explanation is that at the time the
church was designed "looks" were more important than being PC and the
architect went for what looked good (You can see a picture on the
cover of Rick Steve's book Italy 2005)

Avrum Lapin, of Upland, CA

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