KOLUMBUS Family Info. #general

Jack Kolumbus <jackkol@...>

I was raised in a Christian family. However, in researching the KOLUMBUS
family name, the only records that I have found are of Jewish families from
Russia or Lithuania. Since Kolumbus is a unique last name, I find it very
reasonable to assume that my family has Jewish roots. My grandfather came
from Stara Bysrica in Slovakia. If anyone has "any" knowledge of families
with the last name of Kolumbus (or variations in the spelling), please
contact me. I am trying to leave a family history for my grandchildren.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Jack Kolumbus

MODERATOR NOTE: To increase your chances of success, don't forget
to list your surnames of interest in the JewishGen Family Finder,

Also, the JewishGen Family Finder lists a number of researchers working on
different speelings of KOLUMBUS/COLOMBUS/COLUMBUS.
You should try to contact them and find more about their research.

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