New World Jews #general

Rhonda Grace <gracefamilyschool@...>

Soon after the Jews were kicked out of Spain they went to the New World,
where the Jesuits followed shortly after. There are Catholic churches in
Chihuahua, Mexico that have plaques and records of how many Jews were killed
in the Mexican Inquisition. Many of the churches have museums with displayed
torture devices. The last recorded burnings were about 1890. Many of the
Jews escaped to the northern areas of Mexico, now California, New Mexico and
Arizona, and the Monterey area of Mexico, some to Jamaica and Cuba. It is a
little known fact that the Jesuits went to Mexico and killed Jews before
establishing the California Missions. This might explain the coins in
Western North America.

Why Columbus? Who knows? Eventually the Jewish community there
grew over time. If Jews were in Columbus in 1840, which was barely a
village then, then Jews could have been anywhere, again, not as a
separate community, but as individuals escaping conscription or
persecution or simply trying to start a new life.

So couldn't these coins have come >from anywhere, >from someone who
collected relics or retained items handed down in their family for
generations and they simply carried them to America when they came here?
I guess I'm missing the draw toward the complex assumption of the
establishment of an isolated American Jewish community manufacturing Bar
Kochva coins when a perfectly simple explanation could suffice.

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