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Lisa Lepore <llepore@...>

Dorothy -

I thought your question was interesting, so I went
looking for an answer. I found pages with religious
jewelry that identify it as a symbol of the Messianics.

I didn't know about them, so I found this site - one
among many after searching at google for messianic.

This page has a brief definition of Messianic religious groups -
[or -- Mod.]

Apparently there was a Messianic movement in Europe in the 1600's

Maybe someone else can shed more light on this subject.

Mendon, MA

Apropos to this subject I'd like to ask if anyone has knowledge of a Jewish
star with a cross inside? I found this engraved on a tombstone in Wales.
The graveyard was very, very old, overgrown with nettles and other weeds.

I was struck dumb by this sight. If I remember right the name on the stone
wasn't typically Jewish but that might not mean anything.

Many years later I saw the same symbol, a sixpointed star with a cross in
it, painted on the side of a hippy Volkswagon bus.

Dorothy AUERBACH Rivers

Tucson, Arizona USA
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