Re: Were cousin marriages legal in NY in 1909? #general

Linda Altman <familysearch@...>

Define "cousin" before jumping to conclusions. In many families "cousins"
are not necessarily blood relatives. In my family there were plenty of
cousins who married. Most were not blood relationships. There are a lot of
step and half relationships, and there were a lot of marriages within the
step and half families. It all depends on how we define kin.

Linda ALtman
Rlaeigh, North Carolina

"Israel P" <> wrote

An aunt of my mother's married a man who may have been her first cousin,
in 1909 in Manhattan.

I have ordered the marriage record, intending to see the parents' names,
but it occurs to me that if NY did not allow cousin marriages, the
information on the marriage record may be phoney. (There were recent
immigrants >from Russia and may not have had independent birth

Am I worrying for naught?

Israel Pickholtz

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