Did I find my great-grandmother? (Lithuanian Revision Lists) #general

Steven Bloom <sbloom@...>


I have been looking for my great grandmother, Chana Liba ROSENBERG, in
Lithuanian Revision List census records. I know she was >from Kovno or part
of the gubernia. I have recently found a listing in Salakas (part of Kovno
gubernia) for a Chana Liba Rozenberg with a sister Scheina Chaya (and I do
know that her sister ,Sadie, was called Scheine Chaya in Yiddish).
Interestingly enough, the parents' names seem to match too. I knew her
parents to be Yudah Leib + Bayla, and the census gives "Yudel + Baila
Golda" . I knew nothing of Salakas, but its not inconsistent with what I
have been told in the past. The only thing that might be off is that this
record seems to show that Bayla and Yudel were both dead before 1895, and
thats what other records say was Scheina Chaya's birth date. Of course,
those could easily be a few years off, since those dates are not >from a
birth record >from the time, but just a guess (probably) many years later.

I was wondering if folks had some reasonable input on whether they would
consider this a likely match.
If the names were more rare and I had heard the Salakas thing before, I'd
probably just say "yes, its a match", but with common surnames and given
names, I'm less sure. I doubt there are many more families with all of
those names matching, and in the Kovno gubernia, but it could be (I havent
seen any in these records). Also, how complete was the census? Do we have a
sense of what percentage were actually covered, and, more importantly, how
much of that census is actually in the database?

Steven Bloom
Farmville, VA

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