Re: Researching my Jewish origins: KOPPE, BISMARCK? #general

Robert Israel <israel@...>

scott hardy <> wrote:

My family came >from Germany in 1880. Their name was KOPPE. My
greatgrandfather's name was Albert Herman Koppe. His father's name was
Ernest Koppe. His mother's name was Wilhelmina Bismarck Koppe. My aunt
told me that Koppe was a derivative of the name Jacobs.
Sort of.
quotes the Dictionary of American Family Names saying that Koppe is North
German, >from Low German Köppe, a pet form of Jakob, German form of Jacob.

greatgrandfather's mother was an illegitamate daughter of Otto Von Bismarck.
I am wondering if Bismarck could have been of Jewish descent, because I
noticed that his mother's maiden name was Mencken. I have seen this name
many times on JewishGen.
I think Prince Otto must be spinning in his grave at that suggestion.

The fact is that many German surnames are used both by Jews and non-Jews,
so they generally don't provide evidence of Jewish origin.

Robert Israel
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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