Re: Comments regarding reserches in Poland Part 1 #general

Stanley Diamond

"Marius Loeffler" <>

My expierience with reserches is negtive and my advice is to be very
careful. I approached one group of researches who claimed to be graduates
from Warsaw University in History. They wrote that they will start initial
research and they will show the result and they will ask for deposit. They
asked me alot of questions. After several weeks and letters I received
e-mail telling me that after initial research and thanks to the fact that
they know fellow >from Jewish Historical Institute they found several names
Loeffler (which is my name) and as a matter of fact I did not ask them to
find the name Loeffler because I know all the Loefflers in Poland I asked
them about completely different matter. Obviously they did not even read my
story but they asked me to pay them deposit of $300 USA I did not reply.
Private researches in Poland can do very little. They have no access to the
archives and they might charge you for bogus services. The best is to deal
with Archives directly or even go to Poland. You might find it much cheaper.
If you do not know Polish that might be handicap. They are plenty of oficial
My advice is Beware!
Dr Marius Loeffler
It is regretable that Dr. Loeffler has had such a negative experience with
private researchers in Poland.

I would like to shed a different light on this subject.

There have been a number of posts on the JewishGen and Jewish
Records Indexing - Poland lists asking for recommendations of the
names of private researchers. For both lists, the moderators ask
people to respond privately and they do.

Because there are a number of excellent private researchers in
Poland, I imagine others will echo my comments about some of the
wonderful work they do. The good ones are very busy so it may
mean waiting a while for results. But, at the end of the day, you
can expect a detailed report - whether or not they have been able
to find the specific information you are seeking.

That being said, I would like to add another thought...

While engaging a private researcher may ferret out records for only
your own family, joining with fellow researchers to index these records
through Jewish Records Indexing - Poland <>
will make these records accessible to your own family -- as well as other
families with roots in that town. It is this spirit of sharing that
characterizes the world of Jewish genealogy and the success of JRI-Poland.

To start or participate in such a cooperative project in Poland, I invite
researchers to join the JRI-Poland mailing list and to post your questions
re towns and sources. There is a lot of expertise out there and by
reaching out in this manner, you can both help yourself and many of
your co-researchers and, perhaps, generations of researchers in the
years ahead.

Stanley Diamond
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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