Census Puzzle #general

Barbara Siegel <imsiegel@...>

Dear Genners,
On the family index card of my PGM used to access final census data I found the
following notation in reference to birthplace: GRMY PRWR Aftet consulting
with other researchers and the staff at NARA it was agreed that GRMY stands for
"Germany" However, no one had an answer for the "PRWR" The best guess was "Pre
War" This combination GRMY PRWR was noted for many listings as I scrolled thru
rolls of mirofilm.

Does anyone have any clues as to the meaning of PRWR on census index cards?

Barbara Siegel bsiegel@netvisioin.net.il

Searching: HERTZBERG: Tukums,Latvia; Posen,Prussia FRIEDLANDER: Ventspils,
Bausk,Auce Latvia LEVINSON,:Grobin. Courland WULF:Courland BERSHADSKY,: Tulchin,

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