Introduction -- PRINCE family #general

Pamela Prince <meowkatt2002@...>

Hi, I just joined this group. I am looking for my grandfathers family. The
rest of my family we have no info at all about. He was >from Brest-Litovsk &
came to Chicago sometime before 1918. Moved to California later. His father
had a tailor shop in Brest & they came together. I don't think our real last
mane was Prince. Does anyone know how to pronounce the word for Prince in
Russian, Polish, Yiddish? Just a long shot.
Pam Prince
Kenosha, WI
Searching: William PRINCE born approx 1894. 13 kids in family.Married Rose
(either STEIN or SCHREIBER, has said both. Born in Omaha, NE 1902) Father
Benjamin PRINCE, A sister went to France, some may have gone to New York.
1st cousin Irving PRINCE of California.

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