searching for my family: Gombin - Poland , Sprenglingen - Germany #general

Kruveet k <kruveet@...>

I just joined JewishJen. I just started my genealogy research and I
could use any help I get.

I am searching for information about the FINKELSTEIN family that moved
from Gombin (Gabin in polish) Poland to Sprenglingen, Germany at the
end of 1800 and lived there till the Second World War.
The head of the family was called Abraham FINKELSTEIN and his wife was
Sara. I know he was in his 60-70 during the Second World War but she
died before it so she might be buried in Sprenglingen. Their son
Yehuda Dov (Bernhart) was married to Chaya (Anna) ROSENTHAL from

If anyone can tell me if there are lists or where can I find
information or documents: birth, burial, marriage (Yehuda Dov
/Bernhart and Chaya /Anna probably were married there). Are there any
Jewish documents of the congregations that were saved like Ktoobot?

Thank you all
Chagit Finkelstein

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