Thanks for prompt help with finding NY marriage records in early 1900s #general

Deb(orah) Cohen Skolnik

Almost as soon as I posted, three people contacted me
and gave me the information I needed to locate the
pertinent records. I have written to each of them
privately to thank them, but wanted to acknowledge the
help promptly so that others who might be inclined to
respond would know I've found what I needed.

One person reminded me that this info is in the FAQ
and that reading it was a good idea. I agree -- and
it is something I should have done. I have read it
before, but not recently, and as you all know, as
different pieces of our family puzzles are unearthed,
our needs sometime change and we don't always remember
to revisit something we may have looked at a while

In any case, I hope someday that I can help someone
with the same courtesy, accuracy and promptness that I
was shown just now. I want to acknowledge publicly
that not just for this question, but for the few
others I have posted, that I have had someone
volunteer to help me every time. What a great
extended family this group is! :)

Debbie Cohen Skolnik
Fairview, NC


LANDY, LANDE, LONDIN -- Bialystok-Chicago (Tilly Landy)
GARBARSH, GARBAR, GERBER -- Ostrow - Chicago (Jacob Gerber)
SOLUTUSZKYN -- ??Jatyn (on Ellis Island Records)-Brooklyn, NY
Peshe (Bessie) Solutuszkyn Cohen
KISSIN -- Kiev-Brooklyn, NY became Barney or Barnet Cohen at some

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