Re: Locating shtetl Shmugun near Vilnius #general

Carlos Glikson

trying to locate a town ...
The town was called Shmugun and was about 40 miles
from Vilna.
Hello Barbara, the location may be Smorgon (according to ShtetlSeeker:
Smarhon', Smorgonie, Smorgone, Smorgon') . It is in today's Belarus, 45.5
miles ESE of Vilnius, and 62.0 miles NW of Minsk

gives its coordinates, 54°29' 26°24' , and the distance to Minsk, capital of

ShtetlSeeker also gives the coordinates for Vilnius, 54°41' 25°19'. You can
see the approximate distances using the links to map servers, or you can use
this info, together with the data for Smorgon, to find that the distance
from this possible "Shmugun" to Vilnius is 45.5 miles.
JOS - JewishGen Calculator
Distance / Direction: calculates distance and direction between towns
(kilometers and miles).

Hope this helps,

Carlos Glikson
Buenos Aires

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