Re: NY marriage records #general


Debbie Skolnik asked about getting the NY marriage certificate for her gf
Barney/Barnet Cohen. She wasnt sure of the year of marriage.

My first suggestion is to try the census of 1910, 1920 and 1930; these census
entries will tell you how long they are married...then you can compute the actual
year. This is especially important, as Barnet Cohen was so common that even
on the on-line marriage index for NYC (at for the years
1908 thru 1936...there are at least 5 marriages to be investigated, probably more.

For NYC, the choices are:
(1) go to the municipal archives in NYC (31 Chambers St) and look thru the bride
and groom indexes
(2) go to the local mormon library and order the microfilms (the catalog is online
(3) take a chance and order any certificates that you see on in
hopes one of them is the one you want.

For NY State, try the mormon microfilms, and there is a set of microfiche which
index NYS marriages (1881-1949) at the National Archives branch in NYC (201
Varick St)

good luck with your search, researching:
STECHER, TRACHMAN,>from Zmigrod, Dukla, Krosno (Galicia)
KRAMER, BEIM, WISNER >from Jasienica (Galicia)
SCHEINER, KANDEL, SCHIMMEL >from Strzyzow, Dubiecko (galicia)
LINDNER, EICHEL >from Rohatyn (Galicia, Romania)

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