Searching WEINBERGER family Vienna Austria #general

Leslie Weinberg <artsoul@...>

I am posting this on behalf of Rabbi Erwin WEINBERGER, who lives in
Queens, NY, who is searching information on his family. His father,
David Weinberger died in Vienna, Austria in 1934 and is buried there.
His grandfather, Marcus Weinberger, possibly a tailor by trade, was
married to a woman whose maiden name was POLLACK, He had an Uncle
Miklos who he believes dealt in leather goods. He also had two aunts,
Kotica, and Rogi. Rogi had a daughter named Boshke.

Rabbi Weinberger's father married his mother in Oberwarth, Austria, in
1923. Rabbi Weinberger says his father was a great scholar, and was
highly respected in the Jewish Community where he lived.

If anyone has any information about this family, please let me know,
Rabbi Weinberger is extremely anxious to find records for any family
member he can.

Than you, Leslie Weinberg

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