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One possible suggestion is that for some reason they needed to be married in
a hurry. It is possible that there was a parental objection, or that she was
pregnant etc. Young people even in those days were just as headstrong!

The jewish ceremony following could have been arranged by the more observant
family, and if you can delve into the synagogue records there may have been
a fee for performing the ceremony at short notice.

This is only a suggestion, but a similar thing happened to my grandparents
in the UK only their first marriage was in a registry office.

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Researching Staal, Vaz Martines, Hambro
amongst others

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Dear Genners,

I hope that some of you erudite readers will be able to solve a mystery
that has my family perplexed.
My great-aunt Esther Cohen was married in the manse of the Unitarian
Church in Woollahra,Sydney,Australia by a Reverend F. Cowling on March
20th. 1913. to a Simon Schwartz , a Jew >from Rumania . She came >from a
large, very observant Jewish family >from Poland, she having been born in
Sheffield, England. They stated it was a first marriage for both parties
Three days later the couple were wed in The Great Synagogue in Sydney by
Rabbi Cohen, and the earlier ceremony is mentioned in the margin of their
Jewish certificate.
I have written to the relevant church authorities in Sydney,who could
offer no explanation , and local Rabbis & Jewish historians in Melbourne
who couldn't help either. This Discussion Group is our last hope of an

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