Neshviz (Niesvizh) #belarus

Nancy Holden

I am interested in finding people with roots in Neshviz (Niesvizh)? In
Belarus today and may have been in Poland before WWII.

I live in NYC and I am active in Eastern European cemetery restoration.
My family is buried in Neshviz (Niesvizh) and I am interested in putting a
wall around the cemetery. Does anyone have family that might be in the
I would like to hear >from you.

The Cemetery is in the middle of the city with no protection. The Government
is Communist and could
erect buildings on it at any time.

A wall would forestall that indefinitely--a wall may not be erected without
permission of the city.

My father-in-law came >from there. His parents are most likely buried
there. His grandparents?? We don't know. The rest of the family was killed
by the Germans.

I would appreciate hearing >from you.

Morton Berger
New York City
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