untapped source: memorial boards and other synagogue records #general

Matt Friedman

Jay Lenefsky suggest that data >from synagogue memorial
boards be used as an untapped source of info. Its a
great iudea, but lets expand it. Most synagogues
publish a yearly Yizkor pamphlet for Yom Kippur.
Frequently it lists families and who they are
remembering. Many times those who have died since the
previous Yom Kippur are listed first. Synagogue
bulletins also list recent deaths and yahrzeits for
that month. (births and marriages too) Combined these
resources ar very rich.
Many synagogues maintain a file or archive of
their bulletins, Yizkor pamphlets, directories and ad
books. It would indeed be worth while to build a
datebase of this information. The creation of these
datebases would decrease the size of the "haystack"
for researchers who have little more than a name and
city of a relative.
Additional sources for these types of documents
are the American Jewish Archives and the Klau Library
of the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati. Th
archives hold a wide range of synagogue dosuments and
the library holds a collection of bulletins. While
these holding focus on Reform congregations that are
members of the Union for Reform Judaism (formerly the
Union of American Hebrew Congregations) there is
substantial documentation of other sources as
Finally, it would be worthwhile to build an index
based on birth and death announcements found in local
Jewish and secular newspapers...
Alas as the moderator mentioned in the original
post, all we need are people...but Jewishgen can post
the results. Just an idea.....

Matt Friedman
FRIEDMAN, MANN: Horodenka,Galicia, Ukraine
SPIEGEL: Snyatyn, Ukraine

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