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In 1916 my ancestor Greynem Grimovitch >from Slonim was buried in the Mount
of Olives cemetery. The Perushim Burial Society is mentioned. Can anyone
tell me about that society? Does it represent a town in the Pale? If so,
which one?

==Perushim is a Hebrew word, >from the root P-R-Sh (to separate or to
detatch) and means "those who [have] separated [>from the main community]." The
English transliteration in the New Testament for the original Perushim 2000 years
ago is Pharisees.

==In this case, I assume it refers to a Burial Society that split off >from
an existing burial society, or the burial society of a group that separated
from an existing congregation or community.
==It may be a unique name familiar today to those in the know, or it might
be one of any number of groups that may have split off >from existing

Michael Bernet, New York,

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