Re: Census Puzzle #general

Lisa Lepore <llepore@...>

This website has the instructions for US census enumerators
for the various census years.

There is no mention that this abbreviation - PRWR -
should be used - in fact the instructions are very specific
for instance; they were not supposed to use the designation
Austria-Hungary, but were supposed to write either Austria or
Hungary. Of course the enumerators did not always follow
these instructions, but at least there is a guide here.

I wonder if this PRWR was only used in certain areas of the
country? By a certain enumerator? If it was used in different
areas of the country, then it would seem to me that it would
reflect the common understanding of the name of a certain
area that the people were from. I think one would have to
read some newspapers of the day to see if this term was regularly
used to describe the area "Prussian Westphalia Rhineland",
or used by the immigrants themselves to describe where they
were from.


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