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< The bizarre thing is why should the name [STEINCABBAGE] have only be
partially ranslated. You would have thought that one would go the whole hog and
Anglicised it.

==We don't know that STEINCABBAGE was the "real" name as used in official
documentation. In fact, it's such an ugly name, one might think an
English-speaking Galician official in the Austro-Hungarian Empire could have
imposed it on the apocryphal Jew who couldn't afford the name REDCABBAGE.
Certainly not a name one might deliberately choose as a "translation."

==Especially, if the name was found in family records or correspondence, it
probably reflects a jocular form of the original name--a "little bit of fun"
we're all probably familiar with >from our parents, and our fellow school- and

Michael Bernet, New York,

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