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Simon Barak

If I recall correctly, several years ago a similar thread occupied both
Michael and myself on the names Bunim and Simcha.
The juxtaposition of Bunim/Bonim with Simcha is rather constant, and
although Simcha appears sometimes as a solitary name, the name of Bunim
alone is uncommon and I know only of a 19th century commentator of the
Torah and a theatre director in Israel (that Bunim is his family name).
On the other hand the "double name" Simche Bunim has deep rabbinical
roots: Reb Simcha Bunim of Pshischa, the ADMO"R >from Goor Rabbi Simche
Bunim Alter, Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen, Rabbi Simcha Bunim of Prashschka,
the author of Kol Simcha, Rabbi Simcha Bunim Schreiber, grandson
of the Chatam Sofer, and many more.
My great-uncle used to explain that this double name comes >from the
biblical quote "Em habanim smecha" (The mother of sons is happy) and
ment to be given originally to a male born after several female siblings

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< I found >from Rabbi Bernard Susser's website about Devon and
Cornwall that Bunem is >from Medieval (or some such) French "bonhomme".>

==It is now generally agreed, on the recent accumulation of evidence, that
the name is derived >from French (Bon nom) or Spanish translations of the
common Hebrew name ShemTov (good name or good reputation). Beider agrees with
this view.

==There is no common Hebrew equivalent of bonhomme/Good Man. There are two
more "youthful" forms, BenTov (good boy/son) and ElemTov (good youth) [or
TovElem] in Hebrew, Belinfante in Spanish, Bonfils in French.

==Because of the auditory similarity, the names Bunem and Binyamin are often
intertwined among Ashkenazi males. There is no other connection between
these two.

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