Re: Town Name "Chnigavigaberna"? (LUBINSKY/ROSSIN) #general

Margaret Mikulska

On 8/4/05, Janice Sellers <janice@...> wrote:

I am trying to determine what a correct town name is. Louis LUBINSKY
married Fanny (Ferma) ROSSIN in Russia. Fanny always said she was from
"Chnigavigaberna" and that Louis used to be the town bouncer there before
they came to the U.S. (about 1881-1882). I've run the phonetic spelling I
was given through ShtetlSeeker and came up with only two possibilities. I
would expect the town to be not too far >from Gluchow and Bachmach, [...]
Could it be by any chance "Chernigov Gubernia" and not a town? (Or
Chernigov itself, as the main city of this "gubernia"?)

-Margaret Mikulska
Princeton, NJ, USA / Warsaw, Poland

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